Josh is a comedian, writer and very generous lover.
He thinks personal websites are probably a bit stupid.

This is his Bio.

He has a surprisingly popular Twitter
Facebook page
and a Tumblr

He made a TV show called 'Please like me'.

You can see it in the U.S on Pivot.
You can stream the first episode now at

You can download the full series on iTunes here (AUS) and here (US).

It also has a Facebook page
and a Twitter

He is available for private/corporate gigs. For all corporate and media enquiries:

If you would like to post him gifts or free things you can send them here:
ATTN: Josh Thomas
PO Box 108
Victoria 3065

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Josh used the money he saved on this website to buy a BBQ smoker for his backyard so he can slow-BBQ meat and in the winter cold smoke cheese. Once he made his own bacon.